A Whale of a Time!

What an amazing trip, to yet a new place (for us), on the island we live on. It appears that years ago, a large whale got stuck in this small channel of water and someone has set the bones out to dry. Look how big this rib bone is! I’m in awe. If it weren’tContinue reading “A Whale of a Time!”

Rainbows, and patterns, and more, Oh My!

Hiking around the island of Store Tamsøya, Finnmark, north of Norway, I was mesmerized by small details everywhere. And this is just a sliver of the hundreds of photos I took. More to come!

Ancient Messengers

It’s not surprising ancient myths tell of cormorants bearing mysterious messages.  With silky black wings glistening in the sunshine; long, lean necks raised towards the sky; they exude an air of royalty and otherworldliness.  One’s fantasy begins to weave tales. Some believe if a cormorant visits your home, it’s carrying with it a message from a lovedContinue reading “Ancient Messengers”

A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!

Gjesværstappan is one of Norway’s “naturperler”, directly translated, “nature’s pearls”.   This group of islands off the coast of Magerøya in the North Cape, is a natural nature reserve and home to millions of seabirds from the months of April to August/September each year. This past Sunday a documentary was aired which featured this extraordinary part ofContinue reading “A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!”

From Puffins to Comorants… Bird Safari Continued

On April 14th, the day that one million puffins arrived up here in the North Cape, there were some other beautiful birds that had already claimed their posts on the rocky cliffs of Gjesvaerstappan – the comorants or “skarver”in Norwegian.  Here are a few shots taken on our fabulous bird safari of the comorants – a sea bird with exceptional fishingContinue reading “From Puffins to Comorants… Bird Safari Continued”

Check out Those Reindeer Racks!

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, then you know I’m a big fan of reindeer and I can teach you three ways to say reindeer poop as well as many other exciting reindeer facts. A couple of days ago we had some visitors in our yard and all I can say is “Check out thoseContinue reading “Check out Those Reindeer Racks!”

The Arctic ABC’s

If you are considering visiting the North Cape, you might be enticed by the Arctic ABC’s: A.           Auruora borealis, come twirl under a dancing sky. B            Blueberries, hand picked of course. C            Cloud berry, try them, you might just like ‘em! D           Dare to dipContinue reading “The Arctic ABC’s”

Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’

“Guess what, Mommy?  I know how to say ‘reindeer poop’ in three languages,” my five-year old said, as we strolled down the street, passing a large pile of poo. “Oh really.  Let me hear it,”  I said, wondering what third language she’d recently picked up. “‘Reindeer poop‘ in English, ‘Reinsdyr bæsj’ in Norwegian, and ‘ReinContinue reading “Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’”