The Secret of the North Cape

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of watching “The Seret of the North Cape”, created by Peter Szivolt. Since then I’ve watched it several times, totally in awe of the beauty of the aurora borealis and grateful that I live in a place where I’m privileged to observe them.  If you want toContinue reading “The Secret of the North Cape”

Arctic Race of Norway Official Teaser – Much More!

In just a little under 3 months the Arctic Race of Norway will be underway.  On August 14th the participants will race from Hammerfest to the North Cape plateau.  Today the official teaser was released. Here it is!   I’m going to be there…… ARE YOU?

One Step at a Time

In just two months, One Step at a Time, an environmental art exhibition will open.  It’s a project that I’ve been working on for over two years and I’m thrilled to see an idea turning into reality. A diverse group of five women will display artwork made from 1,200 shoes plucked up from North Cape beaches.Continue reading “One Step at a Time”

Arctic Race of Norway – First Stage – North Cape

This year will be the second year of the Arctic Race of Norway.  The North Cape has been chosen for the first stage of this four-day bicycle race.  On August 14, 2014, the riders will finish the first leg at the North Cape Plateau. The Arctic Race is the northernmost cycling race ever held and will takeContinue reading “Arctic Race of Norway – First Stage – North Cape”

Honoring the Sami People on their National Day

Today, the Sami People celebrate their national day.  To honor their heritage and culture, I thought I’d share a couple of beautiful joiks sung by a Swedish/Sami artist, Sofia Jannok.  For those of you who have never heard this music genre, you are in for a treat! The following song, Aphi (Wide as Oceans), addresses the struggle overContinue reading “Honoring the Sami People on their National Day”

A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!

Gjesværstappan is one of Norway’s “naturperler”, directly translated, “nature’s pearls”.   This group of islands off the coast of Magerøya in the North Cape, is a natural nature reserve and home to millions of seabirds from the months of April to August/September each year. This past Sunday a documentary was aired which featured this extraordinary part ofContinue reading “A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!”

My Dream Job at 71Degrees North of the Equator

It took moving to the top of the world to realize the dreams I`ve carried with me since the carefree days of my childhood.  Back then fantasies became reality, growing wings and flying were possibilities, and painting and drawing filled countless creative afternoons. Ok, so I haven`t grown wings and learned to fly… yet.  But IContinue reading “My Dream Job at 71Degrees North of the Equator”

National Television for One Step at a Time!

It all started with a treasure hunt and a bad conscious: Looking for polished sea glass, weather-worn driftwood and other treasures on this secluded, North Cape beach, I also found this: And my conscious said, “You can’t just take the pretty things and ignore all this plastic.”  An internal conversation started.  “What can one personContinue reading “National Television for One Step at a Time!”

World Environment Day – Take up the Fight against Pollution

In honor of the World Environment Day, I wanted to share the trailer to the movie Trashed – thanks to Mobius Faith Imaging’s blog for bringing it to my attention. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that ocean pollution is something I want to see come to an end, and here in theContinue reading “World Environment Day – Take up the Fight against Pollution”