Småsjæftan – A Hike You Don’t Want to Miss

One of my favorite places on the island of Magerøya is a secluded bay called Småkjæftan which means “little mouth”.  I think it’s because when I start descending the trail towards the shoreline the view is spectacular, as well as a bit mysterious.  Miles of open, rugged sea, a scattering of islands in the distanceContinue reading “Småsjæftan – A Hike You Don’t Want to Miss”

From the Potato State to the Edge of the Sea

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve strolled along the harbor in Honninsvåg, and we haven’t even lived here a year yet.  Growing up in Idaho, where the ocean was a distant thought, my experience with seaside communities were few and far between.  Now I live in one and I’m intrigued by a lifestyleContinue reading “From the Potato State to the Edge of the Sea”

Trolls, Dolomites and a Little Fantasy

If you are traveling in the Finnmark region of Norway, and find yourself on the E6 Highway, between Lakselv and Olderfjord, there’s an attraction that you don’t want to miss – Trollholmsund.  Even if you don’t understand Norwegian, all you have to do is look at the first five letters of that word, and you’llContinue reading “Trolls, Dolomites and a Little Fantasy”

Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’

“Guess what, Mommy?  I know how to say ‘reindeer poop’ in three languages,” my five-year old said, as we strolled down the street, passing a large pile of poo. “Oh really.  Let me hear it,”  I said, wondering what third language she’d recently picked up. “‘Reindeer poop‘ in English, ‘Reinsdyr bæsj’ in Norwegian, and ‘ReinContinue reading “Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’”