The Arctic ABC’s

If you are considering visiting the North Cape, you might be enticed by the Arctic ABC’s: A.           Auruora borealis, come twirl under a dancing sky. B            Blueberries, hand picked of course. C            Cloud berry, try them, you might just like ‘em! D           Dare to dipContinue reading “The Arctic ABC’s”

There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here

Drying food is the oldest method of food preservation, and tørrfisk (stockfish), with a storage life of several years, has been one of Norway’s most profitable exports over the centuries, starting in the Middle Ages. This ancient technique is fascinating and is still in use today.  Unsalted Codfish is hung out on wooden racks calledContinue reading “There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here”

Ice is Nice – As Long as You Keep Your Mittens On

In the beginning of February when we had record low temperatures and the salt water spray froze as soon as it hit the air, I was reminded why I tell my children not to take off their mittens.   My fingers paid the price, but it was worth it to venture out and take photosContinue reading “Ice is Nice – As Long as You Keep Your Mittens On”

Want to See Our Town By the Sea? Borealis Livecam Honningsvag 360

A Borealis Livecam has recently been set up in Honningsvåg, just down the street from the gallery.  It provides a great view of this charming town by the sea.  Here’s the link: Borealis Livecam Honningsvag 360 And if you haven’t checked out the Borealis Livecam at Nordkapp, here’s the link one more time: Borealis Livecame NordkappContinue reading “Want to See Our Town By the Sea? Borealis Livecam Honningsvag 360”

Pretty Rubber Tires

Two days ago we had a record low and the harbor was covered in a thin sheet of ice.  Most of the boats and piers were also encased in a thick layer of ice.  However, yesterday the temperature rose, and the crystal sea returned to normal and the frosted harbor melted into it’s original form.Continue reading “Pretty Rubber Tires”

B-b-b-brrrrr! B-b-b-beautiful! And B-B-B-Brrrr!

Today was absolutely beautiful and downright freezing.  Since the building where my gallery is located is under renovation I decided to take a long walk and escape the beating and banging of hammers.  I’m so glad I did!  The harbor and snow-covered mountains were bathed in a pink glow and the frozen coastline was nothing but magical.

Sunrise 10:30 AM – Sunset 12:26 PM: THE SUN’S BACK!

Today, at the Nordkapp plateau, the sun made its first appearance of 2012.  In Honningsvåg,  it popped up to say “Hi!” two days ago.  We were out of town, so I didn’t get to wave to the sun until today. I’m fascinated by the fact that on its third day above the horizon, the sun’sContinue reading “Sunrise 10:30 AM – Sunset 12:26 PM: THE SUN’S BACK!”

What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau

If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like at the Nordkapp Plateau, then you’ll want to check this out.  The Borealis LiveCam 360 has been set up on the roof of the North Cape Hall (Visitor’s Center).  Now you can get a peek at what it looks up here in the Arctic. Remember toContinue reading “What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau”

Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!

If I could do a triple back flip, I would.  But to avoid any broken bones and smashed furniture, a somersault and a “YooHoo, Yippee and YeeHah!” will have to suffice.  I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” and I’m beyond thrilled and very grateful.  Not just because I have more traffic on my site (although that’s aContinue reading “Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!”