Shiny, Happy Friday!

The weather here in Honningsvåg today is fabulous.  And once again, I can’t stop going outside to take photos.  It’s gorgeous out there! And because I’m turning into an upside-down photo geek, here’s one more:

Photo Series: Honningsvåg Harbor Reflections

The feeling of Spring is still in the air and it’s wonderful.  One of the dangers of working right along the wharf is that I can’t stop going outside and taking pictures of the reflections in the harbor.  With the bright blue skies and light breeze, the conditions have been perfect for lovely patterns onContinue reading “Photo Series: Honningsvåg Harbor Reflections”

A Bucket List that Kicks A Little….

If the famous Norwegian adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), had kept a bucket list, it would have been quite a read. 1)    Kon-Tiki Expedition:  Sail 8,000 km across the Pacific Ocean in a self-made raft.  Been there, done that. 2)    Build a boat out of papyrus and sail from Morocco to Barbados.  Second time’s the charm. 3)    TravelContinue reading “A Bucket List that Kicks A Little….”

Dreaming of Kirkeporten: An Easy Hike with a Spectacular View

A layer of snow still covers the ground.  In some areas, like our backyard, there’s a 2-meter high snow wall, sculpted by the strong winter winds.  In others, grass blades are uncovered and brown soil is in clear sight.  There is definitely a hint of Spring in the air.  However, I don’t know if IContinue reading “Dreaming of Kirkeporten: An Easy Hike with a Spectacular View”

What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

Queen Sonja of Norway was one of 20,000 tourists that traveled to the small fishing village of Kamøyvær last year.  But first she decided to follow in the footsteps of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, who, in 1873, climbed the cliff face of the Nordkapp Plateau.  Yepp, that’s a Norwegian Queen for you!  And she’s turning 75 thisContinue reading “What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…”

Photo of the Day: Right Side Up or Upside Down

It was a beautiful day with the welcome feel of Spring in the air.  I couldn’t resist flipping this photo upside down to show how clear the boat reflections were in this little harbor. But to avoid giving any of you headaches, here’s the right-side up photo: About 10 km north of Honningsvåg, lies aContinue reading “Photo of the Day: Right Side Up or Upside Down”