In and Out of a Snow Flurry

This time of year, snow flurries blow through our town more times than we can count in a day.  Bright arctic blue skies are replaced with  snow clouds and low visibility in the blink of an eye. And then, just as quickly as it came, it flies on by and leaves us with fresh snowContinue reading “In and Out of a Snow Flurry”

The day the Puffins Arrive! 500,000 pairs of them

Sometimes we are fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.  This past Sunday my family, along with around 90 other lucky souls, experienced an amazing phenomenon.  Each year, on April 14th, 500,000 pairs of puffins-lunderfugl, return to Gjesværstappan to lay their eggs.  That boggles my mind… twentyfour hours prior, a million birds wereContinue reading “The day the Puffins Arrive! 500,000 pairs of them”

A Boat Study on a Spring Day

I walked to work to today and couldn’t help but take some shots.  We may not have flowers yet, but this boat had bright orange, lime green, and lemon-yellow flags that provided the dash of sping colors to match the beautiful day.

Where the Wild Flowers Grow

Spring is here.   The snow is melting away with each passing day.  Wild flowers are blooming!  Perfectly adapted to their harsh arctic climate, they hug the ground and grow in the most desolate of places.  Just look for the purple patches scattered amongst the rocks?