What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau

If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like at the Nordkapp Plateau, then you’ll want to check this out.  The Borealis LiveCam 360 has been set up on the roof of the North Cape Hall (Visitor’s Center).  Now you can get a peek at what it looks up here in the Arctic. Remember toContinue reading “What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau”

Here Comes the Sun: Five days to Go!

As you can see by the photos I took today, the days are getting lighter.  Our two months of polar nights are almost over.  We had lovely weather today and the colorful houses and boats popped out from their snow-white backdrop.  Beautiful!

A Year in the North Cape

It’s official.  We’ve lived one year in the North Cape of Norway… one year and two weeks to be exact.  We’ve experienced polar nights and the midnight sun.  Northern lights, reindeer munching shrubs in our yard, and gale force winds that scare the you-know-what out of me (Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wind). I’veContinue reading “A Year in the North Cape”

Hip, Hip, Hurray for the Winter Solstice!

Growing up in Idaho, I knew what the winter solstice was, but really didn’t care about it.  December came and went and the shortest day of the year passed by unnoticed.  But when you live in the arctic, the winter solstice is a big deal, at least in my Erica-from-America-living-in-Nordkapp world.  I guess it all comes down to aContinue reading “Hip, Hip, Hurray for the Winter Solstice!”

Don’t Run with Scissors or Flaming Torches

This past Saturday our family got to participate in our first “Nissetog” (Santa Parade) in Honningsvåg.  The event was sponsored by the Children’s Trekking Association (part of the Norwegian Trekking Association.  All ages were invited to participate in the walk that lead from the City Hall down to the harbor.  The more santa hats, the merrier.Continue reading “Don’t Run with Scissors or Flaming Torches”

The Wrath of the “DARK TIME”

Ten days have passed since my last post.  My days have been filled with working in my gallery and I’m looking forward to sharing photos soon.  But in the evenings, when I normally blog,  I’ve been hit by the wrath of the “Dark Time”!  That’s the direct translation of the Norwegian word, “mørketid”.  Doesn’t soundContinue reading “The Wrath of the “DARK TIME””

An Eyesore with History

Four!  Three !  Two! One!  Say good-bye to the sun!  Can you tell I have three kids in preschool?  Rhymes pop into my mind and spew out of my mouth uncontrollably.  It’s a bit of an alarming condition, but this little ditty is, in fact, true.  The last day we get a glimpse of theContinue reading “An Eyesore with History”

A Room with a View

In October I started renting a building down by the harbor.  I’m following my dream of opening a gallery and gift shop and this is the view from my studio window taken at three in the afternoon.  I couldn’t ask for a better place to work and be inspired.  And stay tuned for more infoContinue reading “A Room with a View”