Magical Arctic Light

This morning we woke to a misty rain falling to the icy ground, creating very slippery roads – ice with a layer of water on top.  Watch out!  I was expecting a gray day and not much daylight since sunrise is at 9:15 am and sunset is at 12:43. But this is what happened withContinue reading “Magical Arctic Light”

Let their be light… sunlight, not lamp light

The sun arrived in the North Cape last Monday, after a two month vacation. Now this lovely lamp post doesn’t need to work around the clock. I wonder if it’s as happy as I am….

Ready or not, here it comes! Winter in the North Cape

When I looked out the window this morning I have to confess that my first thoughts were NOT, “Yippee!  Snow!” While my kids ran around the house, excitedly putting on winter parkas and  shouting, “We can make snow caves, and throw snow balls and go sledding and skiing and… and … and…” I was thinking aboutContinue reading “Ready or not, here it comes! Winter in the North Cape”

The North Cape Film – a Magnificent Glimpse into an Arctic World

In September 2010, my husband and I were deciding if moving to the North Cape was the right thing for our family.  In the process, we did a lot of googling and found a film that captured our attention.  It’s fourteen minutes long, so if you’re really interested in our Arctic world, I highly recommendContinue reading “The North Cape Film – a Magnificent Glimpse into an Arctic World”

Sunrise 10:30 AM – Sunset 12:26 PM: THE SUN’S BACK!

Today, at the Nordkapp plateau, the sun made its first appearance of 2012.  In Honningsvåg,  it popped up to say “Hi!” two days ago.  We were out of town, so I didn’t get to wave to the sun until today. I’m fascinated by the fact that on its third day above the horizon, the sun’sContinue reading “Sunrise 10:30 AM – Sunset 12:26 PM: THE SUN’S BACK!”