What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau

If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like at the Nordkapp Plateau, then you’ll want to check this out.  The Borealis LiveCam 360 has been set up on the roof of the North Cape Hall (Visitor’s Center).  Now you can get a peek at what it looks up here in the Arctic. Remember toContinue reading “What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau”

Once Upon a Dream

If you’ve read this blog before, you may have noticed that I’m in the process of starting a gallery and gift shop.  It’s been a dream of mine even before I could put it into words.  Since I was a little girl the things that gave me most joy involved being creative. Now my dreamContinue reading “Once Upon a Dream”

Ocean Pollution: What’s Your Solution?

Living on the beautiful island of Magerøya provides many opportunities to go hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, boating and the list goes on.  As my photos attest, the North Cape region is spectacular.  One of my favorite things to do is go hiking and explore hidden coves along the coastline.  I feel like a little kidContinue reading “Ocean Pollution: What’s Your Solution?”

Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!

If I could do a triple back flip, I would.  But to avoid any broken bones and smashed furniture, a somersault and a “YooHoo, Yippee and YeeHah!” will have to suffice.  I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” and I’m beyond thrilled and very grateful.  Not just because I have more traffic on my site (although that’s aContinue reading “Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!”

A Little Church with A Story to Tell

Every year around 30,000 tourists visit Honningvåg Kirke. Unlike the spectacular cathedrals in Rome, it is a modest timber church that seats 220 people.  But within it’s walls awaits a remarkable story of endurance, and determination and hope. Built in 1885, Honningsvåg Kirke is the oldest building on the island of Magerøya.  No other buildingsContinue reading “A Little Church with A Story to Tell”

A Year in the North Cape

It’s official.  We’ve lived one year in the North Cape of Norway… one year and two weeks to be exact.  We’ve experienced polar nights and the midnight sun.  Northern lights, reindeer munching shrubs in our yard, and gale force winds that scare the you-know-what out of me (Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wind). I’veContinue reading “A Year in the North Cape”

An American Speaking Norwegian with an American Accent

They say that the best way to master a language is when one is a child.  Then all the vowel sounds and intonations develop naturally.  My kids get a free ticket to Bilingual Land.  They will speak “American” American and “Norwegian” Norwegian.  Unlike their mother who speaks Norwegian with an American accent. I’ve practiced pronouncingContinue reading “An American Speaking Norwegian with an American Accent”

A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…

If I happened to meet a Christmas tree that wanted to grow up in the North Cape of Norway, well, honestly, I’d advise him otherwise.  First, I’d tell him that his kind don’t grow here.  It’s just not natural.  Not trying to be rude, just telling it like it is. Now if he still insistedContinue reading “A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…”

25 Down, 25 Plus to Go!

I recently started renting a storefront for my upcoming gallery, located on my favorite street in Honningsvåg, Sjøgata (Seaside Drive).  (To see some pictures of it in the daylight, you can check out From the Potato State to the Edge of the Sea.)  Here’s a the view just down the street from my front door beforeContinue reading “25 Down, 25 Plus to Go!”