Eight hours of daylight!

When the sun comes back on January 22, putting an end to the polar nights, it doesn’t waste anytime brightening our days.  Now, just 30 days later we have 8 hours of daylight!  Sunrise 7:30 am and sunset 15.30.  And we are grateful it is blessing us with its presence.  

One Step at at Time – Cleaning up the Coast

Originally posted on Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway:
I’m blessed to live in a very beautiful part of the world – in the town of Honningsvåg on the island of Magerøya in the North Cape of Norway.  One of my favorite things to do is go hiking.  Whether I’m with…

The Arctic ABC’s

Originally posted on Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway:
I was recently nominated for the ABC award by George Weaver at She Kept a Parrot.  She’s a lovely woman who writes beautifully.  I recommend stopping by her site and reading her entertaining and insightful thoughts.  Thank you George for your kind nomination.…

Honoring the Sami People on their National Day

Today, the Sami People celebrate their national day.  To honor their heritage and culture, I thought I’d share a couple of beautiful joiks sung by a Swedish/Sami artist, Sofia Jannok.  For those of you who have never heard this music genre, you are in for a treat! The following song, Aphi (Wide as Oceans), addresses the struggle overContinue reading “Honoring the Sami People on their National Day”

Climbing to see the sun

Today, my youngest child had a free day from preschool.  Since our house lies in the shadows of a nearby mountain, the sun hasn’t reached our home yet.  We decided to bundle up and climb up the hill behind our house to where the snow was aglow with rosy light.  This was our view:

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The sun has shown it’s face above the horizon and the polar nights have come to an end.  Today I tried to get a glimpse of it, but it was hiding behind clouds.  However, that didn’t dampen my spirits – The lit up clouds were enough for me.