It’s getting hot up here… 9 Degrees Celsius!

On days like today, those of us who call the North Cape our home, can’t help but smiling.  With the air temperatures around 9 degrees Celsius (48 F) and lots and lots of sun, we are breaking out our short sleeve shirts and shorts. And with the midnight sun, well, we’re breaking out the bubbly andContinue reading “It’s getting hot up here… 9 Degrees Celsius!”

Arctic Race of Norway Official Teaser – Much More!

In just a little under 3 months the Arctic Race of Norway will be underway.  On August 14th the participants will race from Hammerfest to the North Cape plateau.  Today the official teaser was released. Here it is!   I’m going to be there…… ARE YOU?

Living in the Light – Midnight Sun is Here!

The midnight sun is here!  For the next 2 months we will have daylight 24/7.  Two months to take late-evening strolls: and enjoy midnight hikes: And make the most of every precious second of it, as we store up vitamin D for the polar night season.

Spring in the North Cape = Snow, Sun, Rain, Clouds…

In May, the weather changes by the minute with temperatures slightly above freezing.  A fast-moving snow storm blows through coating all in white, but a half hour later the snow has melted on the streets and walkways.   Yes, this is May 5th in the North Cape:

The North Cape Experience

Not long ago, I shared with you Remco’s expedition to Knivskjellodden ( Now he’s shared his experience visiting the North Cape plateau, as well as Honningsvåg. He provides a lot of helpful information, as well as beautiful photos. Enjoy!

Gray is Ok

The weather has taken a little turn: Temperatures above freezing, wind and occasional rain showers. Which means that some areas are no longer ski-friendly 🙂 but it also means that my son can skip rocks in the ocean and my daughters can look for treasures. And I have to admit that I’m not upset toContinue reading “Gray is Ok”

A Norwegian’s idea of Perfect Easter Weather

In Norway, we have an expression that you might be unfamiliar with, depending on where you live in the world…. it’s called “perfect Easter weather” (perfekte påskevær).  We don’t mean green grass, daffodils and tulips, and short sleeves.  We mean this: Snow, sun and little or no wind… perfect weather for Norwegians to enjoy during their weekContinue reading “A Norwegian’s idea of Perfect Easter Weather”

Just a few reasons….

The Arctic Race of Norway will be coming to the North Cape on August 14, 2014.  If you are considering being a spectator and cheering on the cyclists as they race towards the North Cape Globe, then here are a few good reasons to travel to 71˚N, join in the festivities and explore the area. Reindeer:  If youContinue reading “Just a few reasons….”

North of the North Cape

Yesterday I received one of the best comments to date, on a blog I wrote about Knivskjellodden: “This blog post was my inspiration to actually go to Knivskjellodden myself last week. See my winter expedition blog report here: Thank you for your great information about this wonderful place Erica!” Please read Remco’s account ofContinue reading “North of the North Cape”