An Adventure in the Making: A Traveling Trio

If you were inspired when you read my post about Tonje Helene Blomseth, then keep reading!  I want to share another adventure in the making.  I’ll let the following video introduce you to this traveling trio: Håkon and Henrik, both 27 years old, and Andy, an eight-year old Greenland Dog, are currently making the trek from Lindenses toContinue reading “An Adventure in the Making: A Traveling Trio”

Dreaming of Kirkeporten: An Easy Hike with a Spectacular View

A layer of snow still covers the ground.  In some areas, like our backyard, there’s a 2-meter high snow wall, sculpted by the strong winter winds.  In others, grass blades are uncovered and brown soil is in clear sight.  There is definitely a hint of Spring in the air.  However, I don’t know if IContinue reading “Dreaming of Kirkeporten: An Easy Hike with a Spectacular View”

Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!

If I could do a triple back flip, I would.  But to avoid any broken bones and smashed furniture, a somersault and a “YooHoo, Yippee and YeeHah!” will have to suffice.  I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” and I’m beyond thrilled and very grateful.  Not just because I have more traffic on my site (although that’s aContinue reading “Freshly Pressed: YooHoo, Yippee, and a YeeHah!”