The Season of the Midnight Sun

It’s officially here, the midnight sun has arrived in the North Cape.  And here is what we have to look forward to…This photo was taken last year in June.   Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau, Norway If you want to follow the midnight sun this season, here are two webcam links: Honningsvaag by the sea andContinue reading “The Season of the Midnight Sun”

The Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau

For those of us that are fortunate enough to call the North Cape our home, it’s all part of a normal day to live with twenty-four hours of daylight.  The sun doesn’t set for more than two months in the summer.  The longest day of the summer has come and gone, but we still haveContinue reading “The Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau”

Swiftly Flow the Days

Three weeks away and much as changed.  Spring has snuck into Nordkapp.  To visitors traveling through, they may disagree.  The temperature hovers between 0º- 6º C (32º-45ºF), and snow covers a large portion of the ground.  But for those who live here, we can breath in the scent of damp soil and feel a hintContinue reading “Swiftly Flow the Days”

What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

Queen Sonja of Norway was one of 20,000 tourists that traveled to the small fishing village of Kamøyvær last year.  But first she decided to follow in the footsteps of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, who, in 1873, climbed the cliff face of the Nordkapp Plateau.  Yepp, that’s a Norwegian Queen for you!  And she’s turning 75 thisContinue reading “What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…”

The Arctic ABC’s

If you are considering visiting the North Cape, you might be enticed by the Arctic ABC’s: A.           Auruora borealis, come twirl under a dancing sky. B            Blueberries, hand picked of course. C            Cloud berry, try them, you might just like ‘em! D           Dare to dipContinue reading “The Arctic ABC’s”

The North Cape Film – a Magnificent Glimpse into an Arctic World

In September 2010, my husband and I were deciding if moving to the North Cape was the right thing for our family.  In the process, we did a lot of googling and found a film that captured our attention.  It’s fourteen minutes long, so if you’re really interested in our Arctic world, I highly recommendContinue reading “The North Cape Film – a Magnificent Glimpse into an Arctic World”

A Year in the North Cape

It’s official.  We’ve lived one year in the North Cape of Norway… one year and two weeks to be exact.  We’ve experienced polar nights and the midnight sun.  Northern lights, reindeer munching shrubs in our yard, and gale force winds that scare the you-know-what out of me (Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wind). I’veContinue reading “A Year in the North Cape”

A trip to the top of Europe

If you stand on the edge of the Nordkapp (North Cape) Plateau and believe that you’re at the northernmost point of Europe, well, unfortunately your not.  Technically speaking, you’re exactly 1,457 meters or 4,780 feet or .905 miles short of your goal.  Turning your head slightly to the west, you’ll see where you really shouldContinue reading “A trip to the top of Europe”