What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau

If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like at the Nordkapp Plateau, then you’ll want to check this out.  The Borealis LiveCam 360 has been set up on the roof of the North Cape Hall (Visitor’s Center).  Now you can get a peek at what it looks up here in the Arctic. Remember toContinue reading “What a View! 360º LiveCam at the North Cape Plateau”

Ocean Pollution: What’s Your Solution?

Living on the beautiful island of Magerøya provides many opportunities to go hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, boating and the list goes on.  As my photos attest, the North Cape region is spectacular.  One of my favorite things to do is go hiking and explore hidden coves along the coastline.  I feel like a little kidContinue reading “Ocean Pollution: What’s Your Solution?”

A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…

If I happened to meet a Christmas tree that wanted to grow up in the North Cape of Norway, well, honestly, I’d advise him otherwise.  First, I’d tell him that his kind don’t grow here.  It’s just not natural.  Not trying to be rude, just telling it like it is. Now if he still insistedContinue reading “A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…”

Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’

“Guess what, Mommy?  I know how to say ‘reindeer poop’ in three languages,” my five-year old said, as we strolled down the street, passing a large pile of poo. “Oh really.  Let me hear it,”  I said, wondering what third language she’d recently picked up. “‘Reindeer poop‘ in English, ‘Reinsdyr bæsj’ in Norwegian, and ‘ReinContinue reading “Three Ways to Say ‘Reindeer Poop’”

Crossing Paths

On a typical summer day on the island of Magerøya, it’s a safe bet you’ll find tourists making their pilgrimage to the northernmost point of Europe:  Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway.  Massive cruise ships tower above Honningsåg’s docks and a train of busses waits to take passengers up to the Nordkapp plateau.  RV’s, cars and motorcyclesContinue reading “Crossing Paths”