Putting their Paddling to the Test

And they’re off! On April 23, Magnus and Lars, two native North Capers, embarked on the journey of a lifetime. They set out from Lindesnes and are paddling the coast of Norway:  Destination – 71º N of the Equator. You can follow their current location on the map here:  Lars and Magnus’ paddling route.  AndContinue reading “Putting their Paddling to the Test”

Two “North Capers” on their own Nordkapp Adventure

In the first of the series, The Call of the North Cape (Nordkapp), I’d like to introduce you to two native “North Capers” (Nordkaperne) who are about to embark on their own Lindesnes to Nordkapp expedition.  Their journey will not be on foot, skis, or peddling a bicycle.  What’s their preferred means of transportation for thisContinue reading “Two “North Capers” on their own Nordkapp Adventure”