From Puffins to Comorants… Bird Safari Continued

On April 14th, the day that one million puffins arrived up here in the North Cape, there were some other beautiful birds that had already claimed their posts on the rocky cliffs of Gjesvaerstappan – the comorants or “skarver”in Norwegian.  Here are a few shots taken on our fabulous bird safari of the comorants – a sea bird with exceptional fishingContinue reading “From Puffins to Comorants… Bird Safari Continued”

The day the Puffins Arrive! 500,000 pairs of them

Sometimes we are fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.  This past Sunday my family, along with around 90 other lucky souls, experienced an amazing phenomenon.  Each year, on April 14th, 500,000 pairs of puffins-lunderfugl, return to Gjesværstappan to lay their eggs.  That boggles my mind… twentyfour hours prior, a million birds wereContinue reading “The day the Puffins Arrive! 500,000 pairs of them”