Photo of the Day: Right Side Up or Upside Down

It was a beautiful day with the welcome feel of Spring in the air.  I couldn’t resist flipping this photo upside down to show how clear the boat reflections were in this little harbor. But to avoid giving any of you headaches, here’s the right-side up photo: About 10 km north of Honningsvåg, lies aContinue reading “Photo of the Day: Right Side Up or Upside Down”

The Arctic ABC’s

If you are considering visiting the North Cape, you might be enticed by the Arctic ABC’s: A.           Auruora borealis, come twirl under a dancing sky. B            Blueberries, hand picked of course. C            Cloud berry, try them, you might just like ‘em! D           Dare to dipContinue reading “The Arctic ABC’s”

There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here

Drying food is the oldest method of food preservation, and tørrfisk (stockfish), with a storage life of several years, has been one of Norway’s most profitable exports over the centuries, starting in the Middle Ages. This ancient technique is fascinating and is still in use today.  Unsalted Codfish is hung out on wooden racks calledContinue reading “There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here”

A Fisherman and His Bike

A lone bicycle has caught my attention throughout this past year.  I often spot it resting in the same place, leaning on the top of a staircase that leads to one of the local boat docks.  This faithful companion waits for its fisherman, in blustery winds, rain-drenched weekdays and on spectacular sunny days that oneContinue reading “A Fisherman and His Bike”

Bras, Berries and the Great Outdoors

When living, or visiting another country, it’s not uncommon to experience a little culture shock.  Like when I spent my first summer in Norway.  I was asked to house-sit for a pastor and his family.  Not knowing them very well,  I was a little nervous when I went to their home to receive my instructions.Continue reading “Bras, Berries and the Great Outdoors”