A Summer Storm

Finally I have a bit of time to share some highlights from this summer.  We had amazing weather this year… the locals say that the last time the North Cape had a summer like this one was back in 1972!  Here are a few photos from a summer storm that blew in on one ofContinue reading “A Summer Storm”

A 2 A.M. Stroll in the North Cape

When the midnight sun lights up the night time sky, it’s easy to find yourself still awake in the early morning hours.  After an evening with friends, I couldn’t help but take a few photos on my way home.  Here’s what the harbor looks like at 2 am.

A Boat Study on a Spring Day

I walked to work to today and couldn’t help but take some shots.  We may not have flowers yet, but this boat had bright orange, lime green, and lemon-yellow flags that provided the dash of sping colors to match the beautiful day.

Frozen Reflections

A couple of days ago I shared a photo from the charming fishing village, Kamøyvær.  It is about a 15-minute drive from Honningsvåg.  You can see that photo here.  It was a beautiful day and as usual, I was fascinated by the reflections… this time frozen.  Nature’s masterpieces.