Climbing to see the sun

Today, my youngest child had a free day from preschool.  Since our house lies in the shadows of a nearby mountain, the sun hasn’t reached our home yet.  We decided to bundle up and climb up the hill behind our house to where the snow was aglow with rosy light.  This was our view:

Treading on Ancient Ground

On our recent family vacation we decided to go back to the basics.  The kids and I went exploring.  We’d been told there were some ancient Sami (indigenous people of the arctic region) writings in the vicinity of the cabin.  “Ancient”, as in over 6,000 years old.  Of course we had to embark on an expedition. MyContinue reading “Treading on Ancient Ground”

Back to the Basics

When my husband and I were deciding where we should go for our family vacation, we had several ideas:  A warm country, like Spain, where we could get our vitamin D fix, or trip to the States or Southern Norway to visit family and friends.  However, when we assessed what our family really needed weContinue reading “Back to the Basics”

A Family Hike to Duksfjord

During this summer season at the gallery I’ve been asked by many tourists if I like living in the North Cape and why.  Well, here’s just one of the reasons – our treasured family hikes on the island of Magerøya.

Family Hike #2: Dinner by the Sea

When winter lasts around 7 months, and the bare ground is emerging again, our family is ready for action.  Saturday we went on a 6 1/2 hour day hike (Saturday + Bare Ground = Family Hiking Day).  Yesterday we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a late afternoon hike and eat our dinner byContinue reading “Family Hike #2: Dinner by the Sea”

Saturday + Bare Ground = Family Hiking Day!

There’s a wonderful Norwegian expression:  “Ut på tur, aldri sur.”  It rhymes in Norwegian but sounds a bit clumsy directly translated – “Out on a hike, never grumpy.”  And it’s true in our family.  It may be an ugly scene as we try to get three small children dressed for the outing.  Honestly, putting threeContinue reading “Saturday + Bare Ground = Family Hiking Day!”

Graffiti Art – North Cape Style

When you live in a place where winter lasts around seven months, there are days when the snow doesn’t seem quite as magical.  Our family has raced sleds down the backyard hill, built snow caves and snowmen, made snow angels and thrown snowballs.  The kids have skied back and forth along our street and caughtContinue reading “Graffiti Art – North Cape Style”