An Adventure in the Making: A Traveling Trio

If you were inspired when you read my post about Tonje Helene Blomseth, then keep reading!  I want to share another adventure in the making.  I’ll let the following video introduce you to this traveling trio: Håkon and Henrik, both 27 years old, and Andy, an eight-year old Greenland Dog, are currently making the trek from Lindenses toContinue reading “An Adventure in the Making: A Traveling Trio”

Shiny, Happy Friday!

The weather here in Honningsvåg today is fabulous.  And once again, I can’t stop going outside to take photos.  It’s gorgeous out there! And because I’m turning into an upside-down photo geek, here’s one more:

What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

Queen Sonja of Norway was one of 20,000 tourists that traveled to the small fishing village of Kamøyvær last year.  But first she decided to follow in the footsteps of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, who, in 1873, climbed the cliff face of the Nordkapp Plateau.  Yepp, that’s a Norwegian Queen for you!  And she’s turning 75 thisContinue reading “What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…”

There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here

Drying food is the oldest method of food preservation, and tørrfisk (stockfish), with a storage life of several years, has been one of Norway’s most profitable exports over the centuries, starting in the Middle Ages. This ancient technique is fascinating and is still in use today.  Unsalted Codfish is hung out on wooden racks calledContinue reading “There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here”

A Fascinating Rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem: A Chorus of Voices from Lindesnes to Nordkapp

Today I saw a fascinating and touching rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem, “Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet” (“Yes, We Love this Country.)  It was created by a musician, composer  and artist named Ole Hamre. He’s developed what he calls a Folkefon, a type of “menneskeorgel” (human organ).  He visited folk from Lindesnes, the southernmost point ofContinue reading “A Fascinating Rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem: A Chorus of Voices from Lindesnes to Nordkapp”

A Fisherman and His Bike

A lone bicycle has caught my attention throughout this past year.  I often spot it resting in the same place, leaning on the top of a staircase that leads to one of the local boat docks.  This faithful companion waits for its fisherman, in blustery winds, rain-drenched weekdays and on spectacular sunny days that oneContinue reading “A Fisherman and His Bike”

The Queen of Scandinavian Design

The Nordkappmuseet (North Cape Museum) offers tourists a look into the history and culture of the local fishing community.  In addition, one can enjoy exhibitions, featuring Norwegian artists, like Grete Prytz Kittelsen, the Queen of Scandinavian Design. The museum is located in the center of Honningsvåg, not far from the Hurtigruten (Coastal Express) dock.  Just follow the arrows onContinue reading “The Queen of Scandinavian Design”

A Little Church with A Story to Tell

Every year around 30,000 tourists visit Honningvåg Kirke. Unlike the spectacular cathedrals in Rome, it is a modest timber church that seats 220 people.  But within it’s walls awaits a remarkable story of endurance, and determination and hope. Built in 1885, Honningsvåg Kirke is the oldest building on the island of Magerøya.  No other buildingsContinue reading “A Little Church with A Story to Tell”