Captured Moments

Cancer has a way of putting priorities straight.   One’s “to-do” list is shaken and sifted, insignificant plans and goals disappear immediately.  There’s no doubt what’s most important. Capturing moments with our family has had an urgency about it.  From the first day of my diagnosis, I’ve been deliberate about photographing this journey – ourContinue reading “Captured Moments”

Unexpected Journeys

We’re all on this journey called life.  Along the way, there are adventures and experiences we get to choose, create, and share with others.  My course lead me to a life at 71˚ North of the Equator and “Experience North Cape” evolved out of a desire to share this amazing arctic region with others around theContinue reading “Unexpected Journeys”

A Biker with a Cause: Julian Davies in the North Cape

On July 10th, Once Upon a Dream Gallery and Gift Shop had a drawing for my book, A North Cape Winter:  71 Degrees North of the Equator. I was delighted when I saw the winning name:  Jackie Davies.  Although I’ve never met her in person, I’ve had a privilege of meeting her husband, Jules.  If itContinue reading “A Biker with a Cause: Julian Davies in the North Cape”

Crossing Paths

On a typical summer day on the island of Magerøya, it’s a safe bet you’ll find tourists making their pilgrimage to the northernmost point of Europe:  Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway.  Massive cruise ships tower above Honningsåg’s docks and a train of busses waits to take passengers up to the Nordkapp plateau.  RV’s, cars and motorcyclesContinue reading “Crossing Paths”