The “Blue Hour”

In the north of Norway, we have an expression that describes the special light that occurs during the polar night season. “Blåtime”, directly translated “the blue hour”. Today it was breathtaking!

Tromsø Cathedral, blue hour, 1pm, December 9th.
Downtown Tromsø, 12 pm, December 9th.

Shoes! Oh, the possibilities!

The removing of my large shoe mosaic in the North Cape, with the purpose of restoring it, has brought back so many memories. Here is a recap of the process, via photos. And if you were wondering, 1,200 shoes is A LOT of shoes!

When a Shoe Becomes a Home.
Trash washed up on the arctic coastline.
Just Do It!
Shoes collected on one trip to the beach, Vannfjord, North Cape, Norway.
Trash collected from one small beach, with the help of the DNT (Norwegian Hiking Association) and the local church, Turfjord, North Cape, Norway.
After collecting them, the shoes were sorted by colors and types, and stored in our garage. (My husband is a patient man.)
We found plenty of fishing boots.
And a stray flipper.
We all leave a footprint on the planet we call home.
Shoe mosaic in the making in our living room. Did I mention my husband is a patient man?
Shoe mosaic, made of shoes from the beach, and repurposed wood, 2014, Honningsvåg, Norway.
“Second Chances”… giving those grimy fishing boots a new life.
I never would have dreamed old shoes would be such great material for making collages!
From Trash to Art, “North Cape and the Northern Lights.”
“Bird Watching”, Shoe collage.

It is inspiring to look back on the project, from when the wild idea struck, and through the journey that followed. May you never look at an old, grubby shoe the same!

Celebrate the Light

The architectural structure built to house the Sealing Vessel, MS Polstjerna, celebrates the arctic light, casting geometric shadows on the frosted landscape.

The building has been home to the MS Polstjerna since 2005. This Sealing Vessel was built in 1949 and sailed 33 hunting voyages, between 1949 and 1981.

It is a beautiful combination of curves, angles, metal and walls of glass windows.

The Exhibition is under renovation in 2019, but is scheduled to re-open next year.

I am looking forward walking through those doors, but for now, peeking through the windows will have to do.