Momentary Masterpieces

It was a beautiful day for an autumn walk, the trees forming a canopy of oranges, golds, reds and rusts. I took photos of the surrounding mountains, the lake and the autumn colors. But that will have to wait, because instead, I found treasures on the waters´ surface.

The glistening reflections of the sun bouncing off the shoreline beckoned me, revealing momentary masterpieces.

Liquid light and shadows in constant motion, creating never-before-seen artwork, one nanosecond at a time.

Marbled works of wonder.

Paintings of dreams.

The ethereal a whisper away.

I’m glad I was beckoned by the dancing light.

And I will take these treasures with me, as I bid farewell to Summer´s end.

Arctic Spring

We we say it’s a beautiful spring day, we don’t mean green grass and budding flowers.  This is what 71 degrees north looks like, six days before the calendar reads May 1st.


Ever-changing Light

From my house, I view the mountains and sea and never cease to be fascinated by the play of light and shadow.  The solid rock and steady waves displaying different faces throughout the day.

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

And I contemplate how the circumstances around me affect the constants within me?

Arctic Sun

img_0006The sun left us in November and for 2 long months we dreamed of its return. However, it didn’t grace us with its mighty presence on January 21.  It alluded us for days, hidden behind stormy, snow-filled skies and gale force winds.

But all is forgotten when we stare into its bold, glaring brightness – we don’t care about the frigid temps and stinging wind.  Reunited with our Arctic Sun, at last we are content.