The Wheeling Bandit – Tromsø Street Art

Not only is Tromsø located in a beautiful area surrounded by fjords and mountains, it is also a vibrant city. I have been delighted to find some very interesting works of street art, scattered throughout the city center.

The one made me stop in my tracks, and I want to know the story behind it.

It must have been painted recently, as I have walked by this wall many times before. I did a little google-investigating, but so far, no leads.

Any ideas?

When the Night Exhales

Sometimes nature gives me a simple reminder to exhale. To breathe out the stress and anxiety of the day, releasing it into the atmosphere.

The mirrored reflections a reminder to let go, and let peace reflect both inward and outward.

Momentary Masterpieces

It was a beautiful day for an autumn walk, the trees forming a canopy of oranges, golds, reds and rusts. I took photos of the surrounding mountains, the lake and the autumn colors. But that will have to wait, because instead, I found treasures on the waters´ surface.

The glistening reflections of the sun bouncing off the shoreline beckoned me, revealing momentary masterpieces.

Liquid light and shadows in constant motion, creating never-before-seen artwork, one nanosecond at a time.

Marbled works of wonder.

Paintings of dreams.

The ethereal a whisper away.

I’m glad I was beckoned by the dancing light.

And I will take these treasures with me, as I bid farewell to Summer´s end.

Island View

“Island View” evokes images of tropical sand beneath my toes, a slight warm breeze blowing off pristine turquoise water, rustling the palm leaves above me. It´s odd, actually, as I’ve lived on the island of Magerøya, Norway´s 11th largest island for 9 years. And we’ve recently moved to the tiny island of Tromsø (approx. 10 km long from north to south). But I still think tropical, not arctic.

Tromsø Island, 10 km in length.

Tromsø Island is connected to the main land by the Tromsø Bridge and the Tromsøysund tunnel. The Sandnessund Brigde connects it to Kvaløya, the island located in the backdrop of the photo.

For this lovely bird´s eye view, I recommend taking the cable car/fjellheisen, located on the mainland, Tromsdalen.

The cable car ride is quick, and the views spectacular. (There is also a trail for trekking up the mountain…. stay tuned for a future post!)

The city of Tromsø includes Tromsdalen, Tromsø Island, and the area closest to the bridge on Kvaløya. The population is around 72,000, making it Norway´s 9th largest city. It´s a beautiful area I’m looking foward to exploring.

My current island view: A cool breeze blows off the water, turquoise water highlights the coastline, and the wind rustles the carpet of moss, wild blueberries and lingonberries. Arctic, not tropic.

Celebrating Beach Days!

It doesn’t take much time spent in Norway, especially in northern region, before you know that when the sun shines, you make the most of it. You drop what you’re doing and you get out there! Heaven forbid, you miss the precious, golden sunbeams. In a wink of an eye, the sun’s shiny face might disappear for weeks on end.

Looking down at Grøtfjord, about an hour drive from Tromsø.

Introducing Grøtfjord, just an hour drive from Tromsø. It was such a hit, that we hung out there 3 times in July!

But don’t let the pictures fool you! The water is icy cold!

This summer was the sunniest I’ve experienced in all of my 17 years in Norway. It was truly amazing! We made a point to soak in the rays, whenever possible, and we weren’t disappointed.

My three vikings don’t let the frigid waters stop them. I prefer dipping my toes.
Sun rays dancing on the sand.
Sand art… there’s always beauty in the details.

I’m looking forward to returning next summer. Maybe, if we’re lucky, a warm Autumn day will surprise us this year, and we’ll drop everything and head to the beach!

Arctic Spring

We we say it’s a beautiful spring day, we don’t mean green grass and budding flowers.  This is what 71 degrees north looks like, six days before the calendar reads May 1st.