Affairs of the Sun

After living 4 years in the North Cape, 71 degrees above the Equator, I see the sun in a whole new light.  As the expression goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and after two months without the sun’s appearance, I’m longing for its return.

The days are getting a little brighter and the sun’s reminding me it’s on its way back.  It’s enticing me with its peachy-pink glance.

waiting for the sun's return

In fourteen days, (yes, I’m counting), it will show me it hasn’t abandoned me forever.  It will set skies, houses, hearts on fire.

house on fire


No matter that its arrival will be accompanied by icy, wailing winds.  I’ll meet it face to face, eyes stinging, cheeks burning, toes aching.

IMG_2393And I will thank it for coming back to me.  I’ll treasure its presence until we part ways again… a distant horizon in November.






A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!

Gjesværstappan is one of Norway’s “naturperler”, directly translated, “nature’s pearls”.   This group of islands off the coast of Magerøya in the North Cape, is a natural nature reserve and home to millions of seabirds from the months of April to August/September each year.

Gjesvaer, North Cape, Norway

This past Sunday a documentary was aired which featured this extraordinary part of the world.  Here’s the link to the film.  It is in Norwegian, but the filming of the spectacular wildlife and nature speaks for itself.  I highly recommend taking a peek.

Norske naturperler, Nature’s Pearls (click here to be amazed, inspired, wowed)


If you aren’t able to open the link you can click on my post From Puffins to Cormorants.  A little glimse into my famly’s bird safari adventure.  On April 14, of 2013, wehad the privilege of watching 1 million puffins arrive in the North Cape.  That’s right, all on the same day!  Amazing!

So if you’re planning a trip to the North Cape in 2014, put Gjesvær and Gjesværstappan on your “must do” list.