Momentary Masterpieces

It was a beautiful day for an autumn walk, the trees forming a canopy of oranges, golds, reds and rusts. I took photos of the surrounding mountains, the lake and the autumn colors. But that will have to wait, because instead, I found treasures on the waters´ surface.

The glistening reflections of the sun bouncing off the shoreline beckoned me, revealing momentary masterpieces.

Liquid light and shadows in constant motion, creating never-before-seen artwork, one nanosecond at a time.

Marbled works of wonder.

Paintings of dreams.

The ethereal a whisper away.

I’m glad I was beckoned by the dancing light.

And I will take these treasures with me, as I bid farewell to Summer´s end.

Island View

“Island View” evokes images of tropical sand beneath my toes, a slight warm breeze blowing off pristine turquoise water, rustling the palm leaves above me. It´s odd, actually, as I’ve lived on the island of Magerøya, Norway´s 11th largest island for 9 years. And we’ve recently moved to the tiny island of Tromsø (approx. 10 km long from north to south). But I still think tropical, not arctic.

Tromsø Island, 10 km in length.

Tromsø Island is connected to the main land by the Tromsø Bridge and the Tromsøysund tunnel. The Sandnessund Brigde connects it to Kvaløya, the island located in the backdrop of the photo.

For this lovely bird´s eye view, I recommend taking the cable car/fjellheisen, located on the mainland, Tromsdalen.

The cable car ride is quick, and the views spectacular. (There is also a trail for trekking up the mountain…. stay tuned for a future post!)

The city of Tromsø includes Tromsdalen, Tromsø Island, and the area closest to the bridge on Kvaløya. The population is around 72,000, making it Norway´s 9th largest city. It´s a beautiful area I’m looking foward to exploring.

My current island view: A cool breeze blows off the water, turquoise water highlights the coastline, and the wind rustles the carpet of moss, wild blueberries and lingonberries. Arctic, not tropic.

Ancient Messengers

It’s not surprising ancient myths tell of cormorants bearing mysterious messages.  With silky black wings glistening in the sunshine; long, lean necks raised towards the sky; they exude an air of royalty and otherworldliness.  One’s fantasy begins to weave tales.

Kongsfjord Gjesthus, Finnmark, Norway (Cormorant – Reflections)

Some believe if a cormorant visits your home, it’s carrying with it a message from a loved one that has already passed to the world beyond.


In the Norwegian folktale, The Cormorants of Utrøst, a fishermen spies three of these creatures in the eye of a storm, and soon after finds safety on a mysterious island called Utrøst.


What tales will the cormorants tell this year?

Waiting for the messengers

We’re waiting.



Phototherapy:  Exposing oneself to images of bright, warm, distant summer days, in the midst of a 7-month long winter.

Kongsfjord Gjesthus, Finnmark, Norway

Eco Art Project in the North Cape

I just started a new blog that will share more details about the Eco Art Project I started in 2012.  If you’re interested in following our endeavors to clean up the majestic North Cape coast, please follow the new blog 🙂  Thanks

North Cape Shoes

Cleaning up the coast one step at a time
Cleaning up the coast one step at a time

1,200 shoes and boots from the North Cape shores turned into ART!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you are aware of an environmental art project that’s been in the making for three years:  One Step at a Time Shoe Exhibition.

Shoe Mosaic - Midnight Sun
Shoe Mosaic – Midnight Sun

Cleaning up the coast one step at a time
Cleaning up the coast one step at a time

On June 11, 2014, we had the official opening and now the exhibition is on display at Once Upon a Dream Gallery and Gift Shop from now until August 16, 2014.

Here’s a little glimpse into the process of collecting, sorting, drying and creating art from shoes and boots – all collected from the North Cape Shores!

419792_282608811852252_212252492_n IMG_5783

shoes sorted, stacked and waiting to be turned into art
shoes sorted, stacked and waiting to be turned into art

IMG_2461 IMG_2501 IMG_3396 IMG_2590 IMG_2596 1939624_10152232282770379_204209237_n 1913213_10152232267925379_1368107087_o IMG_20140521_144624 IMG_20140521_141025

Hopefully, this exhibition will help raise awareness about ocean pollution, as well funds to rent boats and remove dangerous plastics from a beach or two!