Magerøya, Honningsvåg North Cape

About Me

Artist. Writer. Wife. Mother. Dreamer. Fighter. Nature-lover. Cancer-hater. American who speaks Norwegian with a very charming American accent.

I’ve lived in Norway for 18 years, and the North of Norway for 11. I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and this blog is one of the ways I share it with others.

In this new era of COVID19, I invite all Norwegians who’ve never made the trek to 71 Degrees North, to seize the moment! You won’t be disappointed. And when life becomes a bit more normal globally, I welcome the world to come and experience the North Cape and the North of Norway.

Enjoy the journey!

Erica K. Haugli

Reindeer Adventures, Tromsø

“Dancing in the Darkness. Twirling in the Light.

Let hope abound and love prevail, Along this path of life.”

Erica K. Haugli

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