Road trip time!

The north of Norway is a spectacular place to visit. The breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and ancient, to recent history, are waiting to be discovered. Today, I thought I’d share a few beautiful days of our, soon to be, eleven years here.

Big skies, Gjesvær, North Cape, Norway
Sun shining at 3 am in the morning, The Dock at Tamsøya
View of Tromsø Island on a beautiful, sunny day, Tromsø, Norway
Tromsø Love in February
A SKÅL to the Midnight Sun and the North Cape
Learning about the Sami Culture, Tromsø, Norway
Taking time to enjoy the view, Honningsvåg, Magerøya
Treasure hunting in Østerelva, Magerøya
Sandy beaches and mountain views, Grøtfjord, Troms, Norway
Hikes to remote bays like Småkjæftan, Magerøya
Hiking up the Sherpa Trail, Tromsø

In the next posts, I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful outdoor opportunities and experiences waiting to be discovered in the far North! Join me!

7 thoughts on “Road trip time!

  1. I enjoyed “my” road trip very much but it makes me want to visit Norway again. You are a great photographer.

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