Spring Colors

Honningsvåg harbor, May 10, 2020.

11 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. Wow the colors are inviting. It is a special place and I hope you are feeling warm as spring transitions to summer.👴🏻

  2. Well that’s a surprise! I know how you love Honningsvåg, but did not realize Tromsø was to be just a year. I hope you accomplished all you intended! Stay well!

    1. We had a «test» year, to see if living there was a better fit with my illness. But I still live Tromsø and will continue to travel there regularly.

  3. Beautiful! I have a very similar photo of yours framed and hanging in my apartment that I bought in your shop about 8 years ago. Still hope to get back up there someday!

  4. Honnigsvag in the spring is beautiful and oh how I wish I was on the Hurtigruten to enjoy the scenery. Today 45 degrees in Colorado with flowers recovering from17 inch snowfall 2 weeks ago. Enjoy your return to Honningsvag!.

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