The sun will not rise today…

But it lightens the distant horizon.

9am, Tromsø, Norway.

7 thoughts on “The sun will not rise today…

  1. After speaking with Norwegians when in Norway I often wondered what a day would look like without daylight as everyone always said it is not like the dark of night. Now I know and thanks for sharing. Here in Colorado we had 16 inches of snow fall on Tuesday of this week so it looks like winter is early this year.

  2. Mesmerizing, Cold, Icy, Beautiful..!! Polar Nights are an experience of a lifetime.. 😀
    Does it get completely dark ever (for 24 hours) in Tromso?
    I went to Murmansk in Russia during the Polar Nights. Although the sun never rose, there was still a twilight, for about 4 hours a day..

    1. The polar night in Tromsø does have s tiny glimpse of a twilight sky, but for a very short time period, approximately 30 minutes, and then quickly changes to blue tones, and then black. Further north, in Honningsvåg in the North Cape, (where we lived for 9 years) there is no twilight for weeks. I was surprised that Tromsø was so much lighter, but it’s located at 69 degrees north and Honningsvåg is 71. Absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to experience them! Thanks for asking.

      1. I see.. The 70°N barrier needs to be crossed.. Murmansk is at the almost same latitude, which is 69°N, but in Tromsø, the night is longer..
        Thank you for sharing information about such a rare beauty.. 🙂

      2. One last thing, the darkness of the sky also depends when one is there. The winter solstice, December 21-22, and the days that surround it, are the darkest period. The season lasts from approximately November 21-January 21. So the nearer one is to those dates, the longer the sky is brighter. G

      3. You are correct..
        I visited during that period itself, December 4-6, to celebrate my Birthday (December 5).. Will try visiting the Arctic Region during Christmas now.. 🙂
        Thank you once again for sharing..!! 🙂

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