When Narnia knocks on your door

12 thoughts on “When Narnia knocks on your door

  1. When winter gets going, it really gets going in your neighborhood! Glad to see signs of Nordic skiing! Without some snow sport, winter is a heavy burden. What is your temperature now in Tromsø?

    1. We have actually had record snowfall this year. The most snow in November in over 100 years. And the coldest as well. It has been between 14 and 25 F this week. Brrrr, but beautiful!

  2. Beautiful!

    On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 3:52 AM Everyday life in the North of Norway wrote:

    > ekhaugli posted: ” ” >

    1. This is on top of the main island of Tromsø, by the lake called Prestvannen (the priest’s lake). The center of the island and a walking, skiing trail that crosses from north to south, provide a wonderful outdoor area, while the city surrounds it.

      1. That’s wonderful..!!
        Thank you so much Madam for sharing the information.. 😊
        Would love to explore Tromsø one day, especially the Prestvannen lake.. 😊

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