Celebrate the Light

The architectural structure built to house the Sealing Vessel, MS Polstjerna, celebrates the arctic light, casting geometric shadows on the frosted landscape.

The building has been home to the MS Polstjerna since 2005. This Sealing Vessel was built in 1949 and sailed 33 hunting voyages, between 1949 and 1981.

It is a beautiful combination of curves, angles, metal and walls of glass windows.

The Exhibition is under renovation in 2019, but is scheduled to re-open next year.

I am looking forward walking through those doors, but for now, peeking through the windows will have to do.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Light

  1. An interesting building. It looks like it would be a warm refuge on a cold winter day. It reminds me a little of the performing arts center in Reykjavik which is designed to look like a iceberg.

    1. I have never been to Reykjavik, but I would love to some day! Yes, I think it is an interesting building as well. Looking forward to exploring the inside, when it opens again.

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