Look Up! – Chris Reddy Street Art

In “Look Down, Not Up – Tiny Street Art”, I focused on a minuscule detail of Chris Reddy`s work. I admit this was a bit misleading, as his art is far from small.

This mural spans the length of a large building in downtown Tromsø. On his website, he explains that he likes to paint images that create energy.

Can you spot the tiny door, in the left hand corner of the above photo?

The second Reddymade work in Tromsø is far from tiny.

It is gigantic! This mural of bold colours and shapes covers all 1,200 square meters of this industrial building along the Tromsø Harbour. He and associates from Donald Mafian MC completed it in just 26 days, in 2015.

According to Nordic Wanders, this building is the perfect place to take an Instragam pic.

Maybe next time?

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