Tour Street Art of Tromsø – 85 year old Marit Bockelie

I am an artist at Once Upon a Dream Studio. So when I walk around Tromsø, I cannot help but be inspired by the local street art. And I’ve been surprised and delighted by the vast range of styles and subject matter.

From historical, cultural and beautiful to disturbing and provoking.

Each piece has a story to tell. And it is free for any passerby, tourist or native, old or young, rich or poor.

These past weeks of exploring downtownTromsø I have found some amazing street art. I’ve also learned a little bit more about the history and culture of the area. Join me on a little stroll through the town, touring the local street art.

First on the agenda is artist Marit Bockelie. She’s 85 years old and her work is incredible! She finished this gigantic mosaic in 2016, which weighs in at around 2 tons and is 80 square meters! Thousands of glass pieces from Vienna and bits of stone from the nearby mountain form this masterpiece.

Gyllenborg-Hanen (Rooster), weighing in at 2 tons and 80 square meters

Gyllenborg Rooster is located on the south wall of the historic elementary school, with the school buildingin the background, children climbing up the tree of knowledge, and the rooster proudly blowing the Nordlands trumpet. Bockelie created this with the Portuguese artist, Isabel Ferreira.

Lyskysset celebrates the beauty of Tromsø city, with the city square in the foreground, the iconic bridge and cathedral beyond that, and the magnificent Tromsøtind mountain in the background, all kissed by magical light.

Lyskysset/Kiss of Light

The quote in the lower right-hand corner reads, “Velkommen hit du første lys med solens vare vinterkyss og evig kjærlighet du bærer med som alltid aldri svikter.”/“Welcome here, you first light with our suns´ winter kiss and the infinite love you carry that never betrays” (very roughly translated).

I was delighted to find Marit has many public pieces waiting to be discovered throughout the city. So stay tuned – I’m going on a treasure hunt!

And if you are a curious as I was to find out who this 85 year old artist is, here is a great link with photos of her when she was 80. I think it is safe to say she’s got a little spunk!

“Marit Brockelie´s many faces”, by Marianne Lein Moe, iTromsø newspaper, October 9, 2013 – 80 years old!

6 thoughts on “Tour Street Art of Tromsø – 85 year old Marit Bockelie

    1. Glad you liked it, Peter. Still researching the police and the wheelchair. I met a couple of tourists, also taking pictures of the artwork, and they had tried to google it as well, with now luck. We shall see!

  1. Marit,
    I’ve been to Tromso a few times and never did see your Street Art and realize what I have missed. You have truly captured the beautiful scenes and would hope to see more.

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