Celebrating Beach Days!

It doesn’t take much time spent in Norway, especially in northern region, before you know that when the sun shines, you make the most of it. You drop what you’re doing and you get out there! Heaven forbid, you miss the precious, golden sunbeams. In a wink of an eye, the sun’s shiny face might disappear for weeks on end.

Looking down at Grøtfjord, about an hour drive from Tromsø.

Introducing Grøtfjord, just an hour drive from Tromsø. It was such a hit, that we hung out there 3 times in July!

But don’t let the pictures fool you! The water is icy cold!

This summer was the sunniest I’ve experienced in all of my 17 years in Norway. It was truly amazing! We made a point to soak in the rays, whenever possible, and we weren’t disappointed.

My three vikings don’t let the frigid waters stop them. I prefer dipping my toes.
Sun rays dancing on the sand.
Sand art… there’s always beauty in the details.

I’m looking forward to returning next summer. Maybe, if we’re lucky, a warm Autumn day will surprise us this year, and we’ll drop everything and head to the beach!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Beach Days!

  1. You have lost none of your photographic skills, or your good eye! Great to see you children in the water! But I know how icy it can be even in mid-summer. Enjoy your new surroundings, and keep us all informed by your pictures. Blessings to you all, Peter

  2. I’m glad you made it to the beach…those sunny days can be so important for you “far northerners.” I hope you get more this Fall, as well. I love the natural sand art. 🙂

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