Arctic Spring

We we say it’s a beautiful spring day, we don’t mean green grass and budding flowers.  This is what 71 degrees north looks like, six days before the calendar reads May 1st.


9 thoughts on “Arctic Spring

    1. Yes, it’s a beautiful area. It’s interesting how perspectives are affected by where one lives. When I look at this picture, I think it looks “warm”, because I’ve adapted to this climate. My kids will probably take off their jackets and hats when the play outside today 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for commenting!

  1. Wow, Erica. I think I need to stop feeling frustrated with the slow onset of spring (green and flowers) in Michigan. I hope you are doing well.

    1. Thanks Pat. I know how you feel, being impatient for Spring to come. Growing up in Idaho, March meant Spring. Even after 15 years in Norway, I still have a little part of me waiting for Spring to show up in March.

  2. Wow it is gorgeous though. Do you ever feel it is tough being stuck inside wthrough such a long winter? I’ve learned to embrace winter in Minnesota but the older I get I long to live somewhere I can live my life outside. When does spring come
    And summer? A fascinating life you lead!

  3. Beautiful images, Erica…such crispness.

    I have just finished watching two seasons of “Fortitude” on Netflix…and thought of you and your northern life more than a few times. Your images share a more pleasant view, by far, than the TV show did…but it was amazing what “everyday life” looked like in such a remote spot…..

  4. What a beautiful world it is and with summer just around the second corner, I’m sure your springtime will be filled with more great days for your children to enjoy and for you to photograph.
    I do appreciate your keeping us posted on Honningsvag and surroundings.

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