Catch the Sun

Arctic inhabitants have a special relationship with the sun.  Its 2-month absence creates a deep longing in the core of our being, and an overwhelming appreciation when we’re reunited.  Tears and smiles, elation and gratitude rise within us as the blazing star shines upon us.


Catch the Sun

When the sun smiles, smile back.

When it warms your face, let your heart be warmed as well.

Catch the sun.  Hold it tight. Don’t ever let it go.

In the secret places of your mind, hide the precious moments of sunshine,

Mid-summer strolls, giggling children and barefoot toes.

Because the stormy days will come,

The winds will wail and blow,

And the sun will bid us farewell.

Catch the sun.  Hold it tight. Don’t ever let it go.

(Erica K. Haugli, 2015) 

I wrote this poem 10 months before cancer blew into our world.  A premonition?  My subconscious preparing me for the storm that lay ahead?  I’m not sure of the answer, but today, as then, it is a reminder to hold on to the golden moments: Simple or grand, ordinary or extraordinary.

Catch the sun.  Hold it tight. Don’t ever let it go.

North Cape and the Midnight Sun




9 thoughts on “Catch the Sun

  1. This is so beautiful Erica. The poem and the lovely photos of your family and life’s beautiful moments. I hope you are doing well. My dad went through stage four cancer three years ago and it was one of the hardest times ever. Yet her recovered and a year later he and I climbed a 16,000 foot peak in bolivia! My mom is also a cancer survivor.

    1. Thanks Nicole. Your parent’s journeys are very encouraging. 16,000 feet! Absolutely amazing! I love hearing about such victories. I can see that you are having an incredible time in Costa Rica. That sunset was spectacular. You definitely have been “Catching the sun” 🙂

      1. Thanks! Just got back home. Yes, my parent’s stories are powerful and encouraging. It is amazing how much stronger it has made them mentally. My dad had gone through a year of depression around 50 and now he says that he believes that time prepared him to get through his cancer ordeal. I can’t personally imagine how hard it would be as a mom. It does teach you to live and enjoy your time on earth as we all never know when our time will be up. Too many people waste their lives in regret. xoxo

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