Captured Moments

Cancer has a way of putting priorities straight.   One’s “to-do” list is shaken and sifted, insignificant plans and goals disappear immediately.  There’s no doubt what’s most important.


Capturing moments with our family has had an urgency about it.  From the first day of my diagnosis, I’ve been deliberate about photographing this journey – our family’s story.  The ups and downs of this unexpected path.  Precious moments spent together.

And there’s laughter, in spite of the pain.


Silliness, in the midst of the serious.


Peace in the swirling chaos.


Joy in between the sorrow.

Strength in togetherness.


And hope as we face the future .


May our moments be many.

(Photos taken on excursions to  Kongsfjord GuesthouseBerlevågPorsanger FjordMagerøyaNorth Cape, Norway.)

7 thoughts on “Captured Moments

  1. We love these pictures. We treasure all of you. May God continue to give all of you strength, courage and JOY!

  2. Erica, You have a loving family that is at your side helping you walk through a hard journey, and may you find strength in such good fortune. God loves everyone and blesses all.

    1. Thank you, Christina. Yes, I’m very blessed with loving friends and family who support us, and our faith gives us a firm foundation to stand upon as we face the challenges of cancer. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Beautiful Erica! Yes children are resilient. My mom had cancer when I was growing up but she powered through it as did we. Life throws us challenges but it also brings us closer together.

  4. Dear Erica, came over to wander through your blog and now I find you’re on a challenging journey. So hope for your full recovery. Cancer has a way of putting things into perspective, the things that really matter. Drawing strength from your family and love and silliness and these beautifully moving scenes so full of vibrancy. Thank you for your contact… Cape to Cape; my travels to your part of the world remain a very memorable journey for me. I loved the mad tempestousness of the ocean and winds; the remoteness. Must take courage to live there with those wild elements, and your voice through your blog comes with a spirit of resilience. Wishing all strength to you.

    1. Thanks Liz. I appreciate your encouraging words. I think the wild elements of this arctic region give a source of strength, encouragement and inspiration during this difficult time. I find myself studying the changing light, the rise of a storm, the peace after it’s passed. I’m grateful I live up here during this time in our lives. It just fits 🙂 Glad we’ve connected again. I was just telling my husband about the baboons and the birds at the beach 🙂

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