Arctic Sun

img_0006The sun left us in November and for 2 long months we dreamed of its return. However, it didn’t grace us with its mighty presence on January 21.  It alluded us for days, hidden behind stormy, snow-filled skies and gale force winds.

But all is forgotten when we stare into its bold, glaring brightness – we don’t care about the frigid temps and stinging wind.  Reunited with our Arctic Sun, at last we are content.


5 thoughts on “Arctic Sun

  1. Thanks for the views of Honnigsvag in the winter and how I look forward to being there in early June 2017 when the snow is gone and the sun is shining .It’s a beautiful place. Stay warm until then.

    1. Oh, you’ll be here for the midnight sun. It’s a spectacular thing to see 🙂 And you’ll probably get to see reindeer, as they have summer pasture on the island 🙂

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