We just had a storm called “Ole” that blasted the northern part of Norway this past weekend.  Ole has left us with lots of snow to shovel, and frosted our buildings from basement to roof.

IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4742I also want to share a photo of our neighbors’ stairs leading up to their house.  They are amazing at keeping it clear of snow.  Something my husband and I aren’t very good at yet.  If we had those stairs we’d have an outdoor winter slide  – my kids would love it!

IMG_4735And now, while the rest of the world is counting down the days to Spirng, we are counting down to the next storm, which is hours away.



16 thoughts on “Snow-Blasted

    1. Thanks. Last night I was scared. We had winds that were measured at hurricane strength – 131 kph. It sounded like our roof was going to fly off. It’s better now but there’s a new storm on the way.

      1. If you believe in Angels, ask Archangel Michael to protect you and your home/family. He will do it. 🙂

    1. Yes, it was very scary two nights ago when the wind gusts measured up to 131 kph. And it is not fun to drive when the wind and snow make it difficult to see. But it is always lovely after the storm 🙂

  1. Erica, I enjoyed your blog so much and went back to 2012 to read your comments and view the beautiful pictures. I have been to Honningsvag 4 times and enjoyed each visit, once to the North Cape and the rest to soak up the beauty of town. My last visit was June 5, along with my daughter, who was with me on board the Nordlys, and so I wanted her to experience Honningsvag. We talked to Erling Saafvedt,the sculptor whose latest piece of work was to be unveiled two days later and we were saddened that we would not be present for that. My plans call for me to take another Hurtigruten trip in May of 2017 when I will be 90 and in the meantime I will enjoy my pictures and also your blog. Thank you so much for such an interesting “travel” site. Must be my Norwegian blood that I keep wanting to visit Norway, the beautiful people and fantastic scenery.
    Chris Fendler

    1. So nice to hear from you, Chris. And so nice to hear that you enjoy visiting this part of the world so often. Have you always visited in the summer, or have you experienced the winter as well?

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