A Noonday Stroll

A noonday stroll in -8C, wind 14 mps (Windchill -17C/-3F).  Beautiful light, cold fingers and toes!











11 thoughts on “A Noonday Stroll

  1. Lovely images. My husband and I have been there. How do you manage during the long dark winter? Lots of candles and warm chocolate? 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! Just amazing and wonderful and pretty and beautiful and… I really need to get my camera out and take some winter photographs myself. Ill deal with the cold fingers!

      1. Oh, no where NEAR as cold. “Midwestern” United States. So on the cold days, it hovers between 0-10 degrees F. And we get to see the sun for over eight hours every day.
        But, that being said, my fingers WILL get cold when I go out this weekend at 6 am with my camera.

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