16 thoughts on “Between the Lake and the Sea

  1. Wow, this is so beautiful, it looks like a peaceful and secure place. What are the sounds around there, if any? Looks like a silent place, but perhaps there are a number of sounds there…?

    1. That is a great question. I actually didn’t take the time to listen closely as I was with the kids and they keep me busy. But this past weekend I was listening to see all the sounds when we were at a cabin by the see. It was very calm, so we could hear the waves lapping along the shores, seagulls in the distance, wind rustling the small leaves on the nearby bushes. And my daughter thought she heard an owl hooting. I will take your question with me each time we’re out this Fall. Helps one to be still, to just be. Thank you.

      1. That sounds like a good place to be! When I read how you describe it, I almost want to cry, and realise how rare this kind of environment is and that I miss this in my life. I now live in a densely populated country where man made sounds are always present (I think The Netherlands has some 400 inhabitants/km2 and Sweden less than 30…).
        I’m really grateful you shared the sounds from this magic place, thank you!

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