A Fisherman’s Dream – By the Light of the Midnight Sun

Fishing, outdoors, Norway, North Cape






18 thoughts on “A Fisherman’s Dream – By the Light of the Midnight Sun

  1. I’m coming back to these images today again, they are really magic. It means something to me that you’ve shared them, I can’t explain how/why, but it’s something important. Perhaps because you not only show the silent beauty of the world, but also the magic of being a child, and the fascinating contrasts between light and dark where you live. Just want to say thank you!

    1. Thank you. What a lovely comment to read today. It’s nice to hear how the photos touched you. I’m so thankful that my children have the opportunity to grow up here, with a deep appreciation for nature. We don’t take it for granted. Have a nice day, and thanks again, for your kind words.

    1. Thank you. We’ve had some great catches lately. The kids are thrilled and are getting so good at fishing. Have a great day and hope you are enjoying your summer.

    1. Thank you. It is actually the midnight sun. For two months of the year the sun doesn’t set and we get this amazing light. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oj vilka bilder du har i detta inlägg ! … Helt otroligt vackra … Hade funderingar på att göra en resa till norra elen av Norge i sommar … Men min mor har varit så dåligt att den resan får bli ett annat år istället … Jag njuter av dina bilder till dess 🙂 … // Maria 🙂

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