It’s getting hot up here… 9 Degrees Celsius!

On days like today, those of us who call the North Cape our home, can’t help but smiling.  With the air temperatures around 9 degrees Celsius (48 F) and lots and lots of sun, we are breaking out our short sleeve shirts and shorts.

May 28, 2014, Honningsvåg Harbor
May 28, 2014, Honningsvåg Harbor

And with the midnight sun, well, we’re breaking out the bubbly and making the most of 24/7 daylight.

Midnight sun, North Cape, Nordkapp
Midnight sun, North Cape, Nordkapp
Sunlight at 11 pm
Sunlight at 11 pm


20 thoughts on “It’s getting hot up here… 9 Degrees Celsius!

  1. Bless you! Isn’t it wonderful how we humans adapt and compare? For you, I can imagine why +9C is cause for Ts and shorts, while for me, who’s become accustomed to the endless parade of 32s of Sri Lanka, you’ll be amused to know I hauled out the woollies at around 24! Endless sunshine though … champagne is called for, that’s for sure! Will the rhythm of your life change with the sunlight?

    1. I know what you mean about our bodies adapting to the temperatures. I lived in Hawaii for 2 years and wore sweaters as well. As for our daily rhythm, in my family, we are up much later. The kids go to bed later and my husband and I can stay up into the middle of the night talking.

    1. It is difficult to say how warm it will be in July. I think the average temperature is 13 C, but it varies. And if the sun is shining, even if the air temperature isn’t so hight, the warmth of the sun is more intense. Here’s hoping for warm weather and lots of sun in July!

    1. Thanks, Cindi. My kids were wearing shorts and sandals today. Not the most normal thing up here. They have what we like to call Finnmark tans: Tan faces and hands, and the rest of them are white as can be 🙂

  2. I agree with Elton 🙂
    I bet the sunshine there has a different spark… a different vibe altogether at this time of the year. I wish I was there!! and with 9 degrees up for grabs one really must make the most of it.

    1. The light is magical this time of year. I should also add that when the air temperature is 9, if we are sitting in the sun, away from the wind, it can be up to 25 C. Today my kids ran under the neighbor’s sprinkler when he was watering his lawn. Making the most of it, for certain!

  3. We would break out the outdoor grills when it hit 0 degrees or so after a long cold snap (-30 to -50) in Fairbanks. 48 degrees is definitely shorts weather 🙂

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