Living in the Light – Midnight Sun is Here!

The midnight sun is here!  For the next 2 months we will have daylight 24/7.  Two months to take late-evening strolls:

midnight sun, 24/7 daylightand enjoy midnight hikes:

midnight sun
midnight sun

And make the most of every precious second of it, as we store up vitamin D for the polar night season.

Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau,  Norway
Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau, Norway

14 thoughts on “Living in the Light – Midnight Sun is Here!

  1. uff, and I am complaining that in Belgium is light till 10 PM,I find it strange that I am getting sleepy while is still light outside. I wonder how you cope with 24/7 light? I would go nuts. The photos are awesome by the way 🙂 And now to joke a bit, I wish you lots of vitamin D! 😀 😀

    1. The key to sleeping up here is dark shades on the windows 🙂 but we do go to bed much later in the summer. It is easy to be “tricked” by the light and all of a sudden find it is 3 in the morning and we’re still up enjoying the day. Hope you endure your light nights down in Belgium!

    1. Thanks, Maria. This season is wonderful. The light is magical and taking midnight hikes is a treat. Enjoy your light nights “down there” 😉

  2. It’s good to be able to follow the Midnight Sun on the North Cape webcam this year. Last year, the significant hours were obscured. Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thanks, Bente. I hope you get the chance to travel up this way. I’m sure you’d take some incredible photographs. Enjoy your many hours of light! God Sommer!

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