Gray is Ok

The weather has taken a little turn: Temperatures above freezing, wind and occasional rain showers. Which means that some areas are no longer ski-friendly 🙂 but it also means that my son can skip rocks in the ocean and my daughters can look for treasures.

Spring, North Cape, Nordkapp

treasure hunting, North Cape, nordkapp

And I have to admit that I’m not upset to see tufts of grass sticking up through the snow.  Spring is on it’s way!

snow melting, North Cape, Nordkapp, Spring


We are so blessed to live surrounded by mountains and the sea.  There is beauty all around.  The low tide created lovely patterns in the sand, with puddles of water reflecting the shifting sky.  More treasures from the sea.

sand, patterns, reflections


IMG_2947Yes, Gray is ok.


16 thoughts on “Gray is Ok

  1. Grey is beautiful too! It seems you’ve lost quite a bit of snow recently.
    We have hardly any snow left after a warm week but the river is still mostly frozen.

    1. Yes, the snow’s been decreasing at a rapid pace. It’s nice to feel Spring in the air. Looking forward to seeing some photos from your river. Your are so talented at capturing transitions. Happy Spring 🙂

  2. You are so blessed! Grey sky, blue sky… beauty is where you feel it. Lovely photos, including the children ones, they seem so at ease with their surroundings.

    1. Thank you. Yes, my kids love being outdoors. Whether we are hiking, fishing, skiing, sledding, biking…. looking for treasures on the coastline, they are satisfied. It’s a wonderful place to be a kid, and an adult as well 😉

  3. Although I do appreciate the sun, I think the Norwegian weather patterns of gray clouds and mist are even more beautiful! Your low tide photos are stunning.

  4. Sounds just like our weather – once again! Saskatchewan has been gray, windy and cold. I love your image with the splash of purple! It really tells a story – thanks for sharing, Erica.

    1. We often have similar weather, don’t we Anna? Eden had a great time. She loves looking for rocks. On this trip she was only interested in polished white quartz 🙂

      1. A girl after my own heart! Rocks – I always have a hard time walking without picking up some interesting shapes and colours and white quartz is on eof my favourites…

      2. I’ve also loved white quartz since I was a little girl. On the island, there is one place that has rose quartz. I haven’t made the hike yet, but planning on it this summer.

  5. I agree with you that grey can be OK … Especially when you are out looking for some photo motifs …
    Your children are adorable and they have such a luck to grow up in a place like North Cap … // Maria 🙂

    1. Thanks Maria. My kids are lucky… everywhere we go they are on an adventure, whether we’re at the beach or on a mountain hike.

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