One Step at a Time

One Step at A Time

In just two months, One Step at a Time, an environmental art exhibition will open.  It’s a project that I’ve been working on for over two years and I’m thrilled to see an idea turning into reality.

one step at a time

A diverse group of five women will display artwork made from 1,200 shoes plucked up from North Cape beaches. We range in age from 24 to 67 years old, and come from four different countries (Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, and The United States).Linda Rønning, Block Print Artist IMG_2556 img_4462 IMG_2563

We want to increase awareness about the global problem of ocean pollution, as well as raise funds to rid our beautiful coastline of the the obscene amount of plastic that litters the North Cape shores.


If you would like to follow the progress of this project, please like our Facebook page by clicking on the following link: One Step at a Time Facebook Page.

I’ve also made a YouTube playlist with a compilation of songs with shoes, boots, and journeys as their theme.  Lots of great tunes in all types of genres.  Take a listen and share the playlist if you like.  YouTube Playlist – One Step at a Time.

Let’s all take a step in the right direction:  Together we can clean up our planet, one step at a time.

5 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

  1. Hi Erica, this project sounds reaaaaally interesting. Nice playlist too.
    I’ll keep an eye on the developments.. 🙂

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