What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

This past week I met with my friend and fellow North Cape Artist, Eva Schmuttterer. She is going to be participating in the One Step at a Time Exhibition with me this summer. If you haven’t seen her work, I think you’ll enjoy this post. Happy Friday, everyone!

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

Queen Sonja of Norway  was one of 20,000 tourists that traveled to the small fishing village of  Kamøyvær  last year.  But first she decided to follow in the footsteps of  King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway , who, in 1873, climbed the cliff face of the Nordkapp Plateau.  Yepp, that’s a Norwegian Queen for you!  And she’s turning 75 this summer.  The viking blood must run deep.

During her highness’s pilgrimage to the North Cape she also visited Kamøyvær.  Why?  To take a peek into this tiny, sunshine-yellow house.

Surprised?  She, like 20,000 other people chose to put The Gallery East of the Sun on their list of  “Sights to see while in the North Cape.” (www.evart.no).

The delightful woman who runs this gallery is Eva Schmutterer, a German collage artist  (surprised again?) who moved to the North Cape in 1997 and opened her dream gallery in…

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