Eight hours of daylight!

When the sun comes back on January 22, putting an end to the polar nights, it doesn’t waste anytime brightening our days.  Now, just 30 days later we have 8 hours of daylight!  Sunrise 7:30 am and sunset 15.30.  IMG_2485And we are grateful it is blessing us with its presence.


11 thoughts on “Eight hours of daylight!

  1. Wow! It’s such a foreign concept for me… I’m loving all your posts. I have just posted some beach shots on my blog so you can see what it’s like where we live. Enjoy the sunshine! 🙂 x

    1. We definitely live in different worlds. I looked at your images and I have to admit they made me long for a vacation in a warm place. Looked like a wonderful day making memories with your family. Enjoy the warmth 🙂

  2. In seven years here, I’ve gradually gotten used to how quickly the sun expands its visit to us in the Bergen area after December 21st … but I hadn’t thought about how much more intense it was further north, once it graces your area again after the continual night. Great post and image!

    1. Thanks Cindi. The longer days are a welcome sight after this past polar night season. Now I am headed over to your blog to catch up on what’s been going with you. Ha en fin dag.

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