The Arctic ABC’s

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26 reasons to visit the North Cape.. the Arctic ABC’s

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

I was recently nominated for the ABC award by George Weaver at She Kept a Parrot.  She’s a lovely woman who writes beautifully.  I recommend stopping by her site and reading her entertaining and insightful thoughts.  Thank you George for your kind nomination.


In order to fit with the content of Experience North Cape, I decided to make a list of the Arctic ABC’s.

A.           Auruora borealis, come twirl under a dancing sky.

B            Blueberries, hand picked of course.

C            Cloud berry, try them, you might just like ‘em!

D           Dare to dip your toes in the ice-cold sea.

E            Eggs, seagull that is.  Try them hard-boiled with a Mackøl (beer).  It’s a local treat.

F            Film Festival, Nordkapp’s very own each September (Nordkapp Film Festival)

G            Growing season, with an average of 50 days per year…

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