31 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

    1. It is changing rapidly now. The sun will come back up in a couple of days, and then I think that the amount of extra sunlight increases by 15 minutes a day after that. We have much lighter mornings now, already getting brighter around 9 am and dusk is around 1 pm.

      1. Ok, so I’m addicted to your borealis webcam. I visited it again around an hr ago and noticed a group of people out by the big “world” sculpture, and what looked like a tourbus parked at the end of the road! Wan light of course, but light none-the-less! Looks cold but very still! Somehow I expect it always to be mega-windy there!

    1. We are entering a beautiful time of year now. The sun is about to greet us again, after 2 months. The light is lovely and the air is freezing. How far North have you lived?

      1. I grew up west of Stockholm, so North enough to know short days in winter and light nights in summer, but I never experienced the extreme differences. It seems hard, but also very special. When living in Sweden, I always felt “down” in April, the entire month. Since I moved a bit South (I now live in The Netherlands), I never have that problem.
        I really enjoy seeing your photos and look forward to seeing more!

      2. I just looked at your blog. Your work is beautiful! Do you sell your jewelry online, ship internationally, etc.? I am following you now and know that I will be inspired. I run a gallery here in Honningsvaag… if you are interested, you can check out the two websites. onceuponadreamgallery.wordpress.com and onceuponadream.no.

        As for the darkness and feeling down, I know what you mean. I wasn’t depressed this year, but I was extremely tired and not very motivated. I see now that I know the sun is on its way, my spirits are lifted and I have more energy.

      3. No, I don’t sell anything online. I do this alongside my regular job, and I like to have the combination of the two. Although yes, production is slow, and sometimes so many ideas are popping in my head and I know I can not pursue them. Time sort of filters the priorities, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
        I love both your sites. Wonderful colours, I love the collage pieces. And the driftwood, do you still do that?

      4. Well, if you decided to make a new ring, let me know. I’d love to purchase one. They are beautiful. And thank you for looking at my other blog. Yes, I still work with driftwood, as well as sea glass and porcelain that’s washed up on shore. I love looking for treasures on the coastline.

    1. Thanks Karen. It is so beautiful now. The sun will return in a couple of days and the light is changing rapidly. I took this photo with my telephone. I intentionally left my camera at home so I could actually get some exercise. If I’d had my camera I wouldn’t have gotten very far… too many beautiful distractions 🙂

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